X Artistry is a cosmetics and accessory brand created by an artist for artists seeking style, innovation, and functionality in our current world of vegan beauty + fashion. We strive to fill the open spaces in the puzzle that is our forever growing industry and create a progressive community where our adjacent missions can truly thrive.


X Artistry was officially born in 2019 based in the DMV. Originally the basis of the brand was simply performing services. Though we still provide hair + makeup services, Alexis Jones, the founder of X Artistry as well as a fellow professional hair stylist + makeup artist, felt like - though the industry is now a more packed house than ever, it's still missing some essential products for our overall ethics and day to day work.  Starting out with a luxe, high quality vegan + cruelty free lash line, the itch to continue filling those spaces in the industry quickly became her drive.


We have major motive to bring new things to the industry and remain mission forward.

Aesthetics are never worth the lives of others - this needs to be known, thoroughly understood, and executed with exemplary efforts. That's where X Artistry really comes in. We aim to bring that to the forefront of the beauty industry and normalize these practices over the quite harmful opposing practices.

We will continue to bring awareness to what we're lacking in the vegan + cruelty free movement in beauty and philanthropic growth as a whole. As we grow, we hope to have you along with us during the journey to bring this insight to the world that we're apart of and create change together.


We choose to donate monthly because we understand the power that contributing to the community has! Though it is not a requirement, these actions speak volumes and is so fundamental for things to start moving forward. Together, and only together, can change truly be made - we fully intend to contribute what we can to the causes that matter to us most.

Here's a list of some causes that we look to contribute to and what your dollar contributes to:

  • Black Progression

  • POC Progression

  • Education in Beauty

  • Legal Funding for Justice

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights

  • Diverse Representation in Beauty

  • Cruelty Free Movement

  • Vegan Movement

  • Small Business Funding

  • Women Empowerment

  • Environmental Progression

  • Finance Education in POC Communities

Of course this list will grow as we learn more about where our dollars are needed!

We welcome and strongly encourage you to send us information and resources if you have a nonprofit or business that can benefit from any amount of funding, product, and/or expertise on any of the causes that we've listed via our Contact form. Let's discuss!

What's the purpose behind X ARTISTRy?

X Artistry was curated not just from a professional makeup artist standpoint, but from a black woman, left-brained creative, committed vegan and animal lover's standpoint, too!

Unlike a lot of other brands, we take pride in the vegan and cruelty free lifestyle beyond just beauty as well as expressing and embracing our truest selves. Simply put, it's about more than only catering to a paying audience here.

Inclusivity, compassion, and authentic expression is what X represents to the core because it embodies us -

the estranged creator,

the sublime artist,

the oddball,

the clumsy babe,

the visionary nerd,

the tree hugger,

the deep complected girl.

So, yes, we intentionally go out of our way and do a little bit more because in order to see the change we want to see, we choose to be the change we want to see. 

This is a major part of our purpose as a brand.

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