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Do you REALLY know what's up? LASHES 101

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Lashes, lashes, lashes...

There's always something to do with the lashes.

Well, time to break it to you...

The EYES are doing all of the talking right now with our masks covering practically everything else on our faces (Y'all better be wearing 'em too. 👀 ). This is why having a bomb lash is so essential and what better time than now to learn how to perfect your lash application!

But, no need to be anxious or hesitant about it! That's what this is all about, darling!

The mission today is to MASTER this Lash Crash Course and totally CONQUER our lash problems! Period!

(say that ten times fast!)

Where to begin?

1. Picking Your Lashes

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, as simple as it may seem, there's quite a few points that you'll definitely want to take into consideration prior to purchasing your new pair of lashes.

Ask yourself these questions;

- What is my eye shape?

- Am I high or low maintenance involving beauty?

- Do I / my eyes get irritated when anything is on or around them?

- Am I coordinated or kind of clumsy?

- Do I wear glasses more often than not?

This will determine if you should go short, long, thick, wispy, round, flare, etc. You want them to be flattering for you and your lifestyle, ultimately!

And after this, it should be a breeze to pick the perfect ones for you!

2. Customize Your Lashes

Once you've found your ideal lashes, time to customize them to you! One of the biggest issues clients of mine run into is that they LOVE their lashes in the box, but something is always off when they go to put them on.

If this is you, listen up!

When it comes to customizing your lashes, there's a few steps you can take;

- Give them a quick measure! (Place them on your lash line before putting any glue on them and see if they hang off funky anywhere. If they're the perfect length, move forward to point #3.)

- Give the band a trim! (From the outer corner of the lash, whatever was hanging off or looking wonky, trim the band right where that odd spot was when you measured it.

- Give the lash a trim! (Warning: I'd only suggest this if the lashes you picked out are a hair too long, in which case trim the length a smidge by "point cutting". Otherwise, PICK A NEW PAIR OF LASHES! We mess up sometimes, so adjust and keep it moving.)

3. Whip Out The Tools

Listen, I cannot be the only uncoordinated babe on the planet. Even as a professional, having a stable fingers 24/7 isn't easy when it comes to the actual application of the lashes.

Precision is key for the most seamless look - no matter if the lash is super long and fluffy or super light and wispy. This is why having the right tools is SO important!

Here's a couple of things that will be super helpful;

- Lash applicator or tweezers (X Artistry Tweeze is great for beginners or experts)

- Small scissors (just for trimming, if necessary)

- Clear or dark non-latex lash glue (usually dries faster if you're impatient like myself, is less thick and goopy on the band making way less of a mess, and is a dream come true for sensitive eyes or contact wearers)

- Small, compact mirror (so you can see what you're doing, duh!)

That. Is. It.

So little needed to look f*cking fantastic! Let's do this!

4. Apply The Lashes

Drumroll, please! The moment we've all been waiting for!

Time to get to the nitty gritty - the actual application. At this point, take your time. Rushing will only make you more frustrated if it doesn't go well. TAKE IT EASY.

Here's what you'll want to do;

- Grab one of your lashes with your applicator (either eye will do, whatever makes you most comfortable starting with!)

- Make sure the applicator is gripped close enough to the band, maybe about 1/4 of a cm away, so that you can apply the glue without it touching the applicator.

- Once you have a good grip on the lash, apply a very thin layer of glue to the entire band with your free hand (less is more in this case!)

- Let the glue set for AT LEAST 15 to 20 seconds. I REPEAT! Let the glue set for AT LEAST 15 to 20 seconds! This can truly make or break the application because if the lash doesn't have enough time to set and actually get tacky, it will slide around like nobody's business. Just trust me!

- After the glue has set, with a steady hand and looking downward into your compact mirror, place the lash band firmly right up to your natural lash line right in the center.

- Once the center is in place, use your applicator to secure the outer corner, then the inner corner.

- Step back and see how it's looking then make adjustments accordingly! You'll have a little wiggles room before the glue is completely set.

- After your first lash is looking settled and in place, REPEAT from the top with the other lash.

Voila! At this point, perfection isn't the goal. If you got it on at all, you are winning!

Which leads us into our last step...

5. Practice, practice, PRACTICE

Practice truly does make perfect! Continue working at this new skill of yours because you did it! Take the time to experiment with this step by step guide and really figuring out what works for you. Whatever makes it easier and smooth sailing for you will work! But in the meantime, don't forget to take your Ws! If you don't get it 100 percent today, your always have tomorrow. Take your time and work it out, boo! You've got this!

Welp, there's the Lash Crash Course for you!

You freaking made it! 😄 🎉

Did any of these tips fill in the blanks for you?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments if this was helpful and if you have any questions!

Have a beautiful day, babe, and keep on winning!

- Alexis of X Artistry

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