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Really? A Blog??? YES! 🦋

Greetings to you, Babe!

I've been contemplating on whether or not a blog style environment was appropriate for X Artistry and I came to the conclusion - yes, yes and YES! 100 PERCENT!

There's so much going on and SO much to be talked about :

  • Exciting news and releases,

  • Insightful information and resources,

  • Beauty education,

  • Current events and our take,

  • Behind the scenes here at X Artistry,

  • And so much more!

PLUS, let's be honest...

Your girl is opinionated af. Guilty!

Ultimately, I want to create a space where authenticity is always encouraged and our community is always THRIVING. ⚡️

So, with all of this being said, I OFFICIALLY welcome you to our NEW space here.