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Top 5 Makeup Trends We’re Expecting to See in 2021 | X Selects

Updated: Jan 22


An industry that’s forever shapeshifting, yet carries the same eyes.

Though it's an ever changing realm, thought I'd take a jab at predicting some upcoming trends that are foreseen to happen or what would be phenomenal to see, quite frankly!

So here’s the fun, wild guesses of what will pop up and pop off this year!

(Plus, some of my favorite creators at the moment!)


Let's go!

1. Color Block

Not just any ordinary color blocking that we used to do before we learned blending was a thing, but very precise color blocking! There will be lots of intentional structure with bold colors in unique shapes to the eye - even potentially with VERY lightly diffused borders. From thick wings to squares to ovals and onward, the cake paints and the bold liners will be used and abused this year in the name of color blocking!

2. Iridescent Blending

Pearl, oil slick, holographic moments in different undertones and blended so very inquisitively and delicately to the point of almost being transparent. THAT is what runs through the mind. Yes, of course with this idea, shimmer comes to mind to accomplish this... However, dare I say it, let's expect the occasional, yet well executed matte rendition of this upcoming trend.

3. Shorter Lashes / Bold Bottom Lashes

Blessed be! My prayers have been answered! Not sure about you, but the super duper long, 30mm lashes should have never hit the scene to begin with. But without holding that bias in mind, I genuinely believe we'll see shorter, lighter lashes being embraced and worn more often. And, even better, bottom lashes are going to pop back up and be done way more seamlessly than ever before. Another instant thought went to the idea of the lash ratio reversing - i.e. long, bold lower lashes with a much shorter, wispier natural black or brown lash up top (if anything at all)!

4. Pastels

Powder blue liner, rosy blush, cool nudes, matte skin... maybe even more colored lashes. This is the vision. Very much a repeat of history - thinking circa 1960s but with a 2021 mood. Definitely matte, matte, MATTE! Not a lick of sheen or dew in sight. Anything for the look, right? Even down to the outfit and hair, be prepared to see this pop up.

5. Blush Galore

Whether it's one shade or layered shades, the more the better with this one! Blush of all lusters and textures will be applied copiously and be the total highlight of the face. From the temple to the top of the cheekbone, even incorporated through the socket of the eye, expect to see blush showing out this year.

BONUS: What will commonly be seen among a lot of these predictions will be a much lighter application of base makeup.

More skin showing through, whether matte or luminous, the freckles and small imperfections will be thoroughly appreciated and admired more than ever this year. Regardless of if there‘s a focal point such as a bold lip, vibrant liner, or ultra bronzed skin, there will be less foundation, less concealer, and less coverage as a whole. Love to see it!

At the end of the day, makeup is a fun and liberating way for us to express ourselves as we are.

Try out new things - new products, new applications, new trends, new methods.

Find what you love then change your mind if you want to.

It's just makeup, babe.

Which makeup trend would you try from this list of predictions?

Would you combine more than one?

What other trend would you love to see this year?

Let it be known down below!

Peace and blessings!


- Alexis of X Artistry

*X Artistry does NOT own any of the photos used in this blog post. Merely just visual examples from the creators’ social media platforms admired by the brand.

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