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Vegan Vs. Cruelty Free 🌱 What's the difference?

So you're wondering, what the hell is the difference between VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE???

I wanted to take some time out to educate those that might get confused when seeing these 2 things pop up in ads, on your beauty products, clothing, etc. And YES! There is a difference between the 2!

But first, can we please admire how freaking cute those bunnies are in the cover photo?! Omg. Ok, back on topic...

I shared a post a couple months ago on our social media briefly explaining this and found it to be quite insightful. So I feel, of course, inclined to spread the wealth on this platform as well, but in further detail!

Let's get into it!

CRUELTY FREE in very simple terms means that the product and its ingredients have not been developed nor tested on animals.

What does this mean in a little more detail?

These products don’t harm or use animals in the lab, BUT very well may contain animal derived ingredients.