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Vegan Vs. Cruelty Free 🌱 What's the difference?

So you're wondering, what the hell is the difference between VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE???

I wanted to take some time out to educate those that might get confused when seeing these 2 things pop up in ads, on your beauty products, clothing, etc. And YES! There is a difference between the 2!

But first, can we please admire how freaking cute those bunnies are in the cover photo?! Omg. Ok, back on topic...

I shared a post a couple months ago on our social media briefly explaining this and found it to be quite insightful. So I feel, of course, inclined to spread the wealth on this platform as well, but in further detail!

Let's get into it!

CRUELTY FREE in very simple terms means that the product and its ingredients have not been developed nor tested on animals.

What does this mean in a little more detail?

These products don’t harm or use animals in the lab, BUT very well may contain animal derived ingredients.

VEGAN in very simple terms means that the product is not using nor containing any animal derived ingredients.

What does this mean in a little more detail?

Yes, there are LOTS of ingredients that you might not be aware of that are made from animals and they might not physically use these ingredients, HOWEVER, they may be tested on animals.

Why do I find this distinction and harmonious combination important?

Well, my philosophy and the basis of which I created X Artistry, is that aesthetics are not worth the lives of others.


No debate.

A lot of your faves claim ONLY one, but not the other because common knowledge about the distinction isn’t known as well as it should be. Plus, let’s be honest - it just sounds nice! You’ll notice a lot of brands throwing these terms around lately because it’s EXCELLENT marketing!



Looks great, right?

A lot of very popular brands - even some of the up and coming brands, know these trigger words and how to attract this new, "woke" group of beauty enthusiasts and influencers as it 100% affects their pockets. Plus, they look like an even "better" brand to their current demographic, whether they actually give a damn or not.

Times are constantly changing.

So are our standards of beauty, inclusivity, and purposefulness.

And, honey, awareness is everything in marketing if continued capital growth and maximization is an objective! So though, yes, there's a little shade thrown towards the brands that don't really give a f*ck, but MUST have our dollar...I DO appreciate the brands that are taking their time out to actually take steps in the right direction and making a decision to grow and do something that matters to the world and in return, benefit from stepping up and making those changes.

So moral of the story, if something is labeled "Cruelty Free" and/or "Vegan", just be more mindful if these movements are something that you truly care for and if whom you decide to purchase your products from cares as much as you do. Obviously, do what makes you happy, but if you seek BOTH Cruelty Free AND Vegan products, you know what to check for when purchasing!

Hope this was helpful in understanding the difference between these commonly interchanged terms and why BOTH are extremely important.

Did this post answer any questions that you had in your head?

Have you noticed big brands using these terms more often?

Has including these terms attracted you as a new customer to some of these brands?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, I'd love to get the scoop!

In the meantime, allow your day to be as gorgeous as you!

- Alexis of X Artistry

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