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Winning! Just...Thank You.

Literally, this is how I'm feeling right now. Have you doused yourself in positive energy and affirmations lately? Here's my testimonial telling you, DO IT.

There are certain Ws I take in silence, but damn it, I'm very proud of some MAJOR leaps we have taken and wanted to share.

  1. X Artistry is sitting pretty on 3 very important lists at the moment;

- Leaping Bunny List of Certified Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands

- Humane Society's Humane Cosmetics Act Brands List

- The BLK Pact Blk Pages Cosmetic Brands List

Why is this HUGE?! We're being recognized for giving af about having a cruelty free AND a black owned brand. 🙌🏾 These are also, simply put, affirmations that X Artistry is being noticed for the right reasons and is heading in the right direction!

2. Lash Stash Rx, X Artistry's official premium lash subscription box, has officially launched! This particular idea has been a REAL work in progress. I wanted to quit so bad because everything was just not going as smooth as I thought it would throughout the ENTIRE process, but glory to God! Pushing through showed me how dedicated I was to getting something like this, that is SO FREAKING MAJOR, off the ground. I know it'll be so helpful to my lash lovers and of course, my Xclusive Only babes out there who want to save some coin so I'm beyond proud that I stuck it out! This truly affirms that obstacles are TEMPORARY and there will never be a challenge presented to you that God knows you cannot conquer, boo! Period.

3. X Artistry has more than 1 follower on social media! What?!

When I first started this brand I knew it was going to make waves, OK! But I still didn't know what to totally expect. I mean, you never really know if people are going to care about your brand and what you have to offer until you just do it. And you know what? Right now, though the waves are petite, THEY'RE STILL WAVES. I've created a brand that more than 1 person cares about in the midst of the height of a pandemic and I'm so damn proud of how far we've come and where we're going. It's only up and I'm trusting the process. For now, I'll celebrate this W! I'm so thankful to those that have supported the brand - y'all are so mf talented and I'm so lucky to have you around in the beginning of this venture. Again, another affirmation that sky's the limit and we're heading in the right direction.

Has the process been easy? Tuh! Wouldn't that be nice!

It's absolutely not easy, but a better question...

Has the process been worth it? Hell yes!

I've been daydreaming about this brand for YEARS - literally still have notebooks and sketchbooks circa 2014 full of ideas, drawings and inspiration! So seeing X Artistry come to life has been unbelievably EPIC and I couldn't be more grateful that even just this is bringing pure joy into my realm.

So before you're too hard on yourself, remember this:

*Be proud of your Ws - big and small!

*Express gratitude for just being alive!

*Write out your goals and knock them out 1 at a time.

*Don't rush the process!

*Your journey is unlike anyone else's.

*Speak positively of yourself and your endeavors.

*Don't give up, even when it's tough.

*Just keep swimming! You got this.

Thank you for being here and I hope this was helpful or affirming even in the slightest bit! Leave your favorite affirmation or two in the comments and let's build up this list!

In the meantime, keep on shining your light!

-Alexis of X Artistry

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