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Charged in the sun, cleansed in salt water and the smoke of palo santo.


Clear Quartz - associated commonly with the Crown Chakra, is a colorless transparent to semi translucent, dense and smooth crystal.

Quartz carries a light and clarifying frequency which allows it to be a perfect addition to just about any crystal collection.


1 x Pre-Cleansed Raw Clear Quartz Crystal (.75" - 1.75" x 2" - 3" )


  • Also referred to as the " Master Healer", Clear Quartz is commonly known to stimulate spiritual and mental clarity, enhance positive energy and remove blockages caused by negative energy. It is also used to bring harmony and peace into spaces with low vibration.

  • A&A crystals are always pre-cleansed, however if you're called to double cleanse, feel free! 

    Clear Quartz is excellent for:

    • Crown Chakra rebalancing.
    • Meditation with intention of clarity.
    • Meditation with intention of upliftment.
    • "Companionship" in tense or shared spaces.
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