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Charged in the sun, cleansed in running water and the smoke of palo santo.


Green Aventurine - associated with the Heart Chakra, provides comfort and protection in matters of the heart. It is a soft green, semi-translucent stone.


Green Aventurine carries a light, loving frequency which allows it to welcome that warm, comforting feeling in your love based endeavors.


1 x Pre-Cleansed Tumbled Green Aventurine Crystal (0.6" - 1")


  • A comforting and lucky stone, Green Aventurine is known to bring harmony and abundance into one's love life, opening the heart space to receive. It is also said to be quite a bit of a lucky charm, particularly when it pertains to personal, platonic, and romantic relationships. 

  • A&A crystals are always pre-cleansed, however if you're called to double cleanse, feel free! 

    Green Aventurine is beautiful for:

    • Heart Chakra rebalancing.
    • Meditation with intentions of love and togetherness.
    • "Companionship" or to carry with you when the heart space could use a little more attention.
    • Releasing feelings from past relationships to open up anew and create room for a better love.
    • Boosting compassion and hope.
    • Love baths and rituals.
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