R2D2 | The ARMORY Series Liquid Lipstick

R2D2 - a rich, true blue shade, encapsulating the essence of ultimate significance as of our favorite droid.


Indulge and entice in the NEW! ARMORY Series Liquid Matte Lipsticks. Ultra rich, pigment packed and built to last, these lipsticks will have you bringing the ultimate Lip Order. 13 riveting matte shades of universal colors for every babe - armored for longevity and dynamite color expression, no matter the attitude.


Vegan, Cruelty Free Liquid Matte Lipstick

R2D2 | The ARMORY Series Liquid Lipstick

  • The ARMORY Series Liquid Lipsticks are waterproof, smudgeproof/resistant and built to last. To prevent dryness, apply a light layer of moisturizing lip balm for a smooth application. To remove, apply a light amount of oil based makeup remover or cleanser directly to lips and gently wipe away. Follow up, with a moisturizing lip balm.

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