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Charged in the sun, cleansed in running water and the smoke of palo santo.


Red Jasper - associated with the Root Chakra, is most commonly known to promote grounding and protection. It is a rich and opaque red color with lines of black, hematite, and quartz within the stone.


Red Jasper carries a warm and earthbound frequency which allows it to be ultra comforting and balancing.


1 x Pre-Cleansed Tumbled Red Jasper Stone (0.75" - 1")

RED JASPER Tumbled Stone

  • An ultra grounding stone, Red Jasper helps to set boundaries, heal from past experiences and trauma,  and bring protection. With these things in mind, it also aids in boosting will power and courage of an individual.

  • A&A crystals are always pre-cleansed, however if you're called to double cleanse, feel free! 

    Red Jasper is great for:

    • Root Chakra rebalancing.
    • Meditation with intentions of healing, courage and protection.
    • "Companionship" or to carry with you if will power, growth, or protection is lacking or required of you.
    • Moving past your past.
    • Standing strong in places of discernment.
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