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Charged in the sun, cleansed in salt water and the smoke of palo santo.


Rose Quartz - associated with the Heart Chakra, is most commonly known as the universal love stone. It is a light, rosy pink translucent crystal with graceful white, smoky streaks weaving thoughout the body of the stone.


Rose Quartz carries a soft and feminine frequency which allows it to bring love, compassion, and emotional healing to the forefront.


1 x Pre-Cleansed Tumbled Rose Quartz Crystal (0.75" - 1")

ROSE QUARTZ Tumbled Stone

  • Also referred to as the universal or unconditional love stone, Rose Quartz is commonly known to amplify the energy of love in whatever environment you bring it in, support healing within relationships and invite compassion. 

  • A&A crystals are always pre-cleansed, however if you're called to double cleanse, feel free! 

    Rose Quartz is beautiful for:

    • Heart Chakra rebalancing.
    • Sacral Chakra rebalancing.
    • Meditation with intentions of love and compassion.
    • "Love baths" or infusing your bath water with rose quartz's powerful love-inducing energy.
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