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Charged in the sun, cleansed with the smoke of palo santo.


White Dolomite - associated with the Crown and Heart Chakras, however gorgeous for all Chakra points, is known to release negative energy and create room to restore harmony. It is a bright, glistening, milky white semi-translucent stone.


White Dolomite carries a centering, grounding, and clarifying frequency, allowing it to welcome comfort and high vibration to where you need it.


1 x Pre-Cleansed Raw White Dolomite Stone (0.6" to 1.5" x 1" - 1.65")


  • A healing and multipurpose stone, White Dolomite has properties to lift spirits, release negativity and angst, stimulate creativity, encourage hope, and gift harmonious energy.

  • A&A crystals are always pre-cleansed, however if you're called to double cleanse, feel free! 

    White Dolomite is incredible for:

    • Various Chakra rebalancing.
    • "Companionship" or to carry with you when a clear mind, comfort and mood boost is highly sought after.
    • Meditation with intentions of centering.
    • Unblocking energy that no longer serves you.
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