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  • Top 5 Makeup Trends We’re Expecting to See in 2021 | X Selects

    Makeup. An industry that’s forever shapeshifting, yet carries the same eyes. Though it's an ever changing realm, thought I'd take a jab at predicting some upcoming trends that are foreseen to happen or what would be phenomenal to see, quite frankly! So here’s the fun, wild guesses of what will pop up and pop off this year! (Plus, some of my favorite creators at the moment!) Ready? Let's go! 1. Color Block Not just any ordinary color blocking that we used to do before we learned blending was a thing, but very precise color blocking! There will be lots of intentional structure with bold colors in unique shapes to the eye - even potentially with VERY lightly diffused borders. From thick wings to squares to ovals and onward, the cake paints and the bold liners will be used and abused this year in the name of color blocking! 2. Iridescent Blending Pearl, oil slick, holographic moments in different undertones and blended so very inquisitively and delicately to the point of almost being transparent. THAT is what runs through the mind. Yes, of course with this idea, shimmer comes to mind to accomplish this... However, dare I say it, let's expect the occasional, yet well executed matte rendition of this upcoming trend. 3. Shorter Lashes / Bold Bottom Lashes Blessed be! My prayers have been answered! Not sure about you, but the super duper long, 30mm lashes should have never hit the scene to begin with. But without holding that bias in mind, I genuinely believe we'll see shorter, lighter lashes being embraced and worn more often. And, even better, bottom lashes are going to pop back up and be done way more seamlessly than ever before. Another instant thought went to the idea of the lash ratio reversing - i.e. long, bold lower lashes with a much shorter, wispier natural black or brown lash up top (if anything at all)! 4. Pastels Powder blue liner, rosy blush, cool nudes, matte skin... maybe even more colored lashes. This is the vision. Very much a repeat of history - thinking circa 1960s but with a 2021 mood. Definitely matte, matte, MATTE! Not a lick of sheen or dew in sight. Anything for the look, right? Even down to the outfit and hair, be prepared to see this pop up. 5. Blush Galore Whether it's one shade or layered shades, the more the better with this one! Blush of all lusters and textures will be applied copiously and be the total highlight of the face. From the temple to the top of the cheekbone, even incorporated through the socket of the eye, expect to see blush showing out this year. BONUS: What will commonly be seen among a lot of these predictions will be a much lighter application of base makeup. More skin showing through, whether matte or luminous, the freckles and small imperfections will be thoroughly appreciated and admired more than ever this year. Regardless of if there‘s a focal point such as a bold lip, vibrant liner, or ultra bronzed skin, there will be less foundation, less concealer, and less coverage as a whole. Love to see it! At the end of the day, makeup is a fun and liberating way for us to express ourselves as we are. Try out new things - new products, new applications, new trends, new methods. Find what you love then change your mind if you want to. It's just makeup, babe. Which makeup trend would you try from this list of predictions? Would you combine more than one? What other trend would you love to see this year? Let it be known down below! Peace and blessings! xx - Alexis of X Artistry *X Artistry does NOT own any of the photos used in this blog post. Merely just visual examples from the creators’ social media platforms admired by the brand.

  • 8 Black Owned Businesses To Shop This Holiday Season | X Selects

    This season, we're shopping black! You in? This pandemic has shown it's ass, but what we're not gonna do is let up on supporting our favorite black owned businesses. Now, unlike any other time, is the time to take advantage of the opportunity to shop black. So here you go - the X Selects! We compiled a list of 8 black businesses we'll be supporting this holiday season - from skincare to aromas; from cosmetics to apparel. Some you may know well and some might be new to you so we encourage you to take notes and save tabs! 1. X ARTISTRY (Bet you didn't see this one coming!) X Artistry specializes in vegan and Leaping Bunny certified cosmetics. Ranging from luxury eyelashes to killer lipsticks, X Artistry has some stellar products worth mentioning, but we can't help but to highlight our newly released ARMORY Series Grand Collection and Deluxe Trios. These full-sized liquid matte lipsticks are pigment packed and built to last! The ARMORY Series Grand Collection also comes with SLASH, our luxe PVC crossbody bag for FREE, so you can toss your essentials and of course your favorite lippies in there and get going! Perfect for those holiday outings and for your loved ones that are makeup obsessed and have A1 style. Plus, X Artistry donates a portion of proceeds to causes that help out others so you're not only giving a little more than expected with your purchase, but you'll look good doing it! Win-win! 2. BENEVOLENCE SKIN Benevolence Skin specializes in handmade and soul nourishing skincare - ranging from body scrubs, masks, cleanser, and their infamous whipped shea butter that is to die for! One of our favorites is the Self Care Bundle. It comes with a whipped shea butter, body scrub and a clay mask for a ridiculous price! WHAT A STEAL! Not to mention, the perfect all in one gift for any of your self care obsessed kings and queens. We also have an eye out for their facial toner that literally just dropped this week! You might as well hop on the Benevolence train with us and shop away! 3. ZOE & CO. CANDLES Zoe & Co. Candles specializes in hand poured, 100% soy wax candles and melts with scents that are so incredibly delicious. The scents are derived from natural ingredients and the range of scents is quite riveting! Whether you like clean, fresh scents or warm, spicy scents (or both!) Zoe & Co. Candles will have something for you. We're eyeballing those Banana Nut Bread Wax Melts and Balsam & Berry Candle because who wouldn't?! Create that warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or gift to someone you know will adore slow burning and breathtaking scents this holiday season. 4. LABEL FORTY TWO Label Forty Two is a women's boutique for the babe that loves luxury clothing at a banging price! Literally everything from casual wear, dresses, and their newly released lounge collection, Label Forty Two did not come to play. Get all dolled up for the holidays or just chill out in style. Looks like they're also having a Black Friday sale so go shop til you drop! Plus, that Melanin Set is definitely eyeballing the fam so just make sure you leave one, greedy! 5. THE LIP BAR The Lip Bar specializes in vegan and cruelty free cosmetics, products ranging from foundation and concealers to lipsticks and glosses. The set we're gagging over for this holiday is their Fast Face system! Listen, not all of us have it in us to do a million steps when doing our makeup and this set will make your life 10x easier. They've created an entire kit for the low maintenance babe that wants to create a high impact. 6. GOOD PART & CO. Good Part & Co. specializes in impeccable quality juices, shots and cleanses. We're all trying to do a little bit better with our health, especially during the holiday season where comfort food reigns high! Optimal health should always be our priority, as our bodies are the most important thing - Good Part & Co will help guide you in the right direction. Our favorite juice is the Lexington - it's literally incredible. So if you're in the Baltimore, MD area for pick up, swing on by! We promise it's worth every penny! 7. MATEO NEW YORK Mateo New York specializes in ultra fine, luxury jewelry and accessories. If you're looking for an extraordinary gift for your loved ones, this is the place to shop. The expertly crafted jewelry is totally worth every dime and quite frankly a steal in our opinion. Bask in the divinity! The 14k Gold Diamond Eye Of Protection Necklace is definitely on our radar this season. 8. NOID NOID is a genderless luxury clothing brand created for those that don't like to limit themselves to a box. This brand is here to break the norms with their pieces and surely did not come to play with anyone! In the current collection, the items are racy and non conforming, but totally wearable on this end! And that CROFT Jacket is speaking numbers over here! Be on the lookout for the heat - we don't expect this brand to let up any time soon. These are our top 8 picks this season. It was super difficult to select just the few that we did, but we promise it's well worth it! Find more of our favorite black owned businesses on our social media, where the limits are literally endless @xartistryco . We hope this has been a helpful guide and let us know where you'll be shopping black this holiday season! Happy shopping! x

  • Winning! Just...Thank You.

    Literally, this is how I'm feeling right now. Have you doused yourself in positive energy and affirmations lately? Here's my testimonial telling you, DO IT. There are certain Ws I take in silence, but damn it, I'm very proud of some MAJOR leaps we have taken and wanted to share. X Artistry is sitting pretty on 3 very important lists at the moment; - Leaping Bunny List of Certified Cruelty Free Cosmetic Brands - Humane Society's Humane Cosmetics Act Brands List - The BLK Pact Blk Pages Cosmetic Brands List Why is this HUGE?! We're being recognized for giving af about having a cruelty free AND a black owned brand. 🙌🏾 These are also, simply put, affirmations that X Artistry is being noticed for the right reasons and is heading in the right direction! 2. Lash Stash Rx, X Artistry's official premium lash subscription box, has officially launched! This particular idea has been a REAL work in progress. I wanted to quit so bad because everything was just not going as smooth as I thought it would throughout the ENTIRE process, but glory to God! Pushing through showed me how dedicated I was to getting something like this, that is SO FREAKING MAJOR, off the ground. I know it'll be so helpful to my lash lovers and of course, my Xclusive Only babes out there who want to save some coin so I'm beyond proud that I stuck it out! This truly affirms that obstacles are TEMPORARY and there will never be a challenge presented to you that God knows you cannot conquer, boo! Period. 3. X Artistry has more than 1 follower on social media! What?! When I first started this brand I knew it was going to make waves, OK! But I still didn't know what to totally expect. I mean, you never really know if people are going to care about your brand and what you have to offer until you just do it. And you know what? Right now, though the waves are petite, THEY'RE STILL WAVES. I've created a brand that more than 1 person cares about in the midst of the height of a pandemic and I'm so damn proud of how far we've come and where we're going. It's only up and I'm trusting the process. For now, I'll celebrate this W! I'm so thankful to those that have supported the brand - y'all are so mf talented and I'm so lucky to have you around in the beginning of this venture. Again, another affirmation that sky's the limit and we're heading in the right direction. Has the process been easy? Tuh! Wouldn't that be nice! It's absolutely not easy, but a better question... Has the process been worth it? Hell yes! I've been daydreaming about this brand for YEARS - literally still have notebooks and sketchbooks circa 2014 full of ideas, drawings and inspiration! So seeing X Artistry come to life has been unbelievably EPIC and I couldn't be more grateful that even just this is bringing pure joy into my realm. So before you're too hard on yourself, remember this: *Be proud of your Ws - big and small! *Express gratitude for just being alive! *Write out your goals and knock them out 1 at a time. *Don't rush the process! *Your journey is unlike anyone else's. *Speak positively of yourself and your endeavors. *Don't give up, even when it's tough. *Just keep swimming! You got this. Thank you for being here and I hope this was helpful or affirming even in the slightest bit! Leave your favorite affirmation or two in the comments and let's build up this list! In the meantime, keep on shining your light! -Alexis of X Artistry

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  • SPREAD THE LOVE | X Artistry | United States

    SUPPORT OUR MISSION DONATION X Supporting the cause is now just as simple as that! A portion of our profits are donated every single month to movements and organizations that we value dearly. Sending a "Donation X" directly doesn't just allow you the opportunity to give, but you also become apart of our ever growing community, receive recognition for contributing to the further fulfillment of our mission, and help us reach our monthly philanthropic goals by paying it forward and giving back to the community. Together, change can truly come into fruition and impact can most definitely be made if we not only plant the seeds, but water them and shine our light towards betterment in our world. Donate today and spread the love. First Name Last Name Email Address I’m donating in the name of: Choose an option arrow&v Organization\ Honoree name: Leave us a comment: Tell us how you heard of us: DONATE Thank you for helping us make a difference! Some of our favorite places to show love! To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • ABOUT | X Artistry | United States

    ABOUT THE BRAND What Is X ARTISTRY ? X Artistry is a cosmetics and accessory brand created by an artist for artists seeking style, innovation, and functionality in our current world of vegan beauty + fashion. We strive to fill the open spaces in the puzzle that is our forever growing industry and create a progressive community where our adjacent missions can truly thrive. THE ROOTS OF THE BRAND X Artistry was officially born in 2019 based in the DMV. Originally the basis of the brand was simply performing services. Though we still provide hair + makeup services, Alexis Jones, the founder of X Artistry as well as a fellow professional hair stylist + makeup artist, felt like - though the industry is now a more packed house than ever, it's still missing some essential products for our overall ethics and day to day work. Starting out with a luxe, high quality vegan + cruelty free lash line, the itch to continue filling those spaces in the industry quickly became her drive. SO HERE WE ARE . ​ We have major motive to bring new things to the industry and remain mission forward. Aesthetics are never worth the lives of others - this needs to be known, thoroughly understood, and executed with exemplary efforts. That's where X Artistry really comes in. We aim to bring that to the forefront of the beauty industry and normalize these practices over the quite harmful opposing practices. We will continue to bring awareness to what we're lacking in the vegan + cruelty free movement in beauty and philanthropic growth as a whole. As we grow, we hope to have you along with us during the journey to bring this insight to the world that we're apart of and create change together . ​ ​ ​ What's the purpose behind X ARTISTRy ? X Artistry was curated not just from a professional makeup artist standpoint, but from a black woman, left-brained creative, committed vegan and animal lover's standpoint, too! Unlike a lot of other brands, we take pride in the vegan and cruelty free lifestyle beyond just beauty as well as expressing and embracing our truest selves. Simply put, it's about more than only catering to a paying audience here. Inclusivity, compassion, and authentic expression is what X represents to the core because it embodies us - the estranged creator, the sublime artist, the oddball, the clumsy babe, the visionary nerd, the tree hugger, the deep complected girl. So, yes, we intentionally go out of our way and do a little bit more because in order to see the change we want to see, we choose to be the change we want to see. ​ This is a major part of our purpose as a brand. ​


    LASH STASH R x PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION box Most Popular Subscribe and save with a plan that's best fit for you - your prescription, your way . LASh STASH POLICY Our commitment to topnotch service, transparency and your feedback reigns high for us! Learn more about our Lash Stash Rx policy, the perks to each plan to know which is best for you in further detail, and commit to looking + feeling absolutely stellar in the process! ​ LEARN MORE

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