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Cleanse and protect your space with Rosemary - our Rosemary cleansing bundle comes in a tightly wrapped single bundle and a list of guided intentions.

ROSEMARY Cleansing Bundle

  • A powerful cleansing herb, rosemary dispels negative vibration and purifies your spaces and places; a very common herb known to bring peace into a space as well. Smudging rosemary uplifts and provides immense amounts of energy. Brilliant for prepping to embark on a new journey in life or to stimulate alertness and creativity.

  • WARNING: Involves fire - use with caution and at your own risk!

    • Light end thoroughly, blow out flame and allow the smoke release.
    • Walk, move, or trail over and around your space or object.
    • Recite your intentions accordingly.
    • Re-light if necessary to complete your ritual.
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